October 2023 - Mersin, Turkey - 01-07.10.2023

The last mobility of our Erasmus+ Project LESADIWO took place at Türk Telekom Primary School in Mersin, Türkiye. Within the scope of our Erasmus + Project “E-Safety” (Learn E-Safety And Be Safe In The Digital World), which we carry out together with Spain, Italy and Finland, we hosted our Project Partners at our School between 02-06 October 2023. We held the last meetings of our project at our school. In addition to writing project reports, we also provided our guests with the opportunity to make important observations about our city and country by taking social and cultural trips. In addition, the presentations and shows prepared by our students and teachers were highly appreciated. Endless thanks to all administrators, teachers, students and project partners who contributed to our Project.

May 2023 - Helsinki, Finland - 29.05.2023 - 03.06.2023

The LTTA took place in Helsinki, Finland. The agenda included several themes such as project’s planning, dissemination and guest speakers’ presentations from Finnish educational specialists and cyber security experts.

The project partners learned about the various ongoing issues related to the project and a number of issues were discussed during LTTA. The project partners visited the Finnish science center Heureka in the north of Helsinki and during the Helsinki visit they also had a chance to make a day trip by ferry to Tallinn, the medieval capital of Estonia.

March 2023, Erice, Italy - 20-24.03.2023

The mobility in Erice took place from 20th to 24th March 2023 as planned in the project program.
The activities carried out on this occasion involved students in seminars on cyberbullying both inside and outside school; the students produced videos and dramatizations relating to the topic as well as slogans on Internet safety. Furthermore, questionnaires on knowledge of the phenomenon of cyberbullying were administered to the students, families and teachers. The results obtained from the survey were presented and discussed in the training meeting organized in our school with the participation of all project partners, teachers and parents. This allowed the participants to deepen their knowledge of the dynamics of the phenomenon in the world of children and the level of awareness of parents.

The partners’ welcoming in Erice included visits to the area including: a visit to the historic center of Trapani, a visit to the medieval village of Erice, a visit to the city of Palermo and
a visit to the village of Salemi on the occasion of the feast of the bread of San Giuseppe.
Through these experiences our partners had the opportunity to get to know the historical places of the area and taste the typical products of our cuisine.

November 2022, Valladolid, Spain - 20-24.11.2022

The first mobility took place in Valladolid. The partners were provided with information about how to get there, where to stay and the timetable of the week. All the planning was done taking into account the objectives of the project, the activities and the different workshops. The presentation of the partners, schools and countries with videos was the first activity and contact. Among the workshops carried out, we can highlight the training for teachers, pupils and families about bullying, internet use and prevention. This training was carried out by the centre of Finland and the national and municipal police of Valladolid. in addition, the following workshops were carried out to work on the project: canva, radio, chroma, kahoot, rap creation…. The participation of the educational community was high and the workshops were very well received. In addition to the workshops inside the centre, visits were made to the classroom of the future of the CFIE of Valladolid and the Youth Department of the Valladolid City Council. The cultural visits to the historical centre of Valladolid, to Simancas and the archive and to Serrada and the winery allowed us to show our cultural heritage and our way of life. At the end there was a big farewell with all the students of the centre and the presentation of certificates.